Choosing an OA Publication - Considerations Flowchart (text version)

  1. Choose your journal.
  2. Understand the journal’s policy on copyright.

    For help:

  3. Does the journal allow article archiving within 12 months of publication?

    If yes, deposit the article in a repository such as Carleton’s CURVE repository, or a subject repository (e.g. arXiv)

  4. Is the journal open access?

    If yes, include funding for author fees or article processing charges (APCs) in grant applications and budgets.

  5. Is it a hybrid journal?

    If yes, understand the restrictions on what, when and how your work can be made openly available.

    If no, safeguard your rights.

    • Use an author addendum to allow article archiving within 12 months or,
    • Negotiate the terms of the copyright transfer agreement or,
    • Choose another venue to publish your article.
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