Policies on Open Access

Carleton University Open Access Policy (pdf) - This policy outlines the principle of open access and provides guidelines for voluntary support of this principle by members of the Carleton academic community.

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications -  This harmonized Tri-Agency policy requires that all peer-reviewed journal publications resulting from funding by the Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) must be freely available online within 12 months of publication.

Access to Research Results: Guiding Principles  - As principle funders of research, SSHRC (Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council), CIHR (Canadian Intstitutes of Health Research) & NSERC (Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council) are working together to make research results as widely available and accessible as possible.  Links to funding agency policies that promote access to research results.

SHERPA-Juliet  - An external service that lists research funders'  open access policies. 

Content last updated: July 10, 2017