Top 10 Tips for Undergraduate Students

1. Hours. The Library is open until midnight on most days, except for Fridays and Saturdays when we close at 10 PM. See: Library Hours.

2. Quiet study. If you are looking for a quiet place to study, floor 3 and floor 5 are both silent study floors: no talking or whispering allowed!

3. Group study. If you are looking to study in a group, floor 1 is your best bet. You can also book a group study room.

4. Course reserves. You can use course reserves to access the books, articles, and other materials that are on the reading list for your course.

5. Library guides. Our course and subject guides are a good place to start if you are looking for help on how to find information on a particular topic.

6. Research help. You can also speak with someone at the Library to get help with your research and finding the information you need.

7. Omni. You can use Omni to find books, articles, whatever you are looking for. Omni includes both print and online resources, and searches not only Carleton's collection but also other university libraries. If there is a print book that you are interested in, request it through Omni and we'll let you know when it is ready for you to pick up

8. Borrowing books. You can borrow books and other items at the Library Services desk on the main floor. Just make sure you have your Carleton ID card or photo ID with you.

9. Library account. You can access your library account through Omni (see "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner) to see a list of things you have borrowed and when they are due to be returned.

10. Code of Conduct. To get a sense of what to expect when you visit the Library, take a few minutes to look over the Library's Code of Conduct.

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