Storage Facility

The Library Storage Facility is a high-density, environmentally-controlled shelving facility that houses library materials not used on a regular basis. 


  • To protect and preserve the library's collections.
  • To promote effective use of space for the library.
  • To provide access to all materials housed in the facility.

Requesting Items from the Storage Facility

Request items through our Curbside Pick-up and Mail Delivery service.

PRECOVID Items in the library catalogue with the location "Storage Facility" should be requested via the Hold/Request button. If you do not have Hold/Request privileges, use the Storage Facility Retrieval Request form instead.

Items requested from the Storage Facility are normally delivered to the Library Services Desk twice a day during the week (Monday mornings for items requested on the weekend). You will be notified by email once your material is available.

As email notification is automated and sent out only once a day in the early morning, you may not receive your email until the following day. Your requested item(s) may already be available for pick-up. Please inquire at the Library Services Desk.

Content last reviewed: December 22, 2020