NVivo is a software package that helps with qualitative data analysis. See our NVivo page for information about the software, downloading and getting the license, and help resources.


  • Our schedule for Fall workshops will be up sometime in early September.
  • In the meantime, we offer individual or small group consultations
  • If you are teaching a course and would like a workshop for your class please contact us nvivo@library.carleton.ca
  • You can request access to our recorded workshops, see below


  • We have made available our recordings of the following Fall 2021 Workshops in a Brightspace course.
  • If you wish to view any of these, just send us an email and we will enrol you in the course.

Design Your Research with NVivo

So, you want to use NVivo for data analysis. What do you need to know before you begin collecting data? Come and find out. This session will cover mapping tools and coding strategies to ease the transition to data collection. Some familiarity with NVivo is useful. These workshops are for current Carleton University students, faculty, and staff.

Approaches to Coding

Come learn about the different ways NVivo can help you with coding your data. "Coding" is a way of organizing all the references to a specific concept, theme, person, place, or other idea into one code. The way you approach coding may vary, depending on methodology and data. Come find out about the tools that NVivo offers for different approaches. These workshops are for current Carleton students, faculty, and staff.

Social Media Analysis with NVivo (Twitter)

We will explore NVivo's capacity to analyze various social media using the Chrome plug-in nCapture. Participants should have had some previous experience with NVivo.

NVivo and Surveys

Learn how to use NVivo to import and analyze surveys. We will import an Excel spreadsheet and explore the structured data (NVivo also allows direct imports of surveys from SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics) Discussed tools include coding, queries, as well as autocoding.

Doing More in NVivo (for advanced users)

Need help moving forward with your qualitative data analysis? If you've had some experience with bringing in documents and coding them, you’re ready to move on to analyzing your material. In this hands-on workshop we will walk through visualizations and queries using sample data and may be able to address other topics depending on the needs of the group. This workshop is suitable for those who have some experience with NVivo.

NVivo for Comprehensive Examination (Audience: PhD students)

Turning comprehensive examinations into a breeze. NVivo can drastically improve your management and mastery of literature. This workshop builds on foundations of comprehensive literature reviews to develop skills for PhD students. Skills include coding, classifications, matrix coding queries, as well as framework matrix.

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